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Conservative Government

The NHS UK Taxation

Bad Behaviour in the Commons

Why some politicians are viewed as untrustworthy "The true cost of austerity"

Commons debate on Gaza, 21-JUL-14

Airstrikes killing Civilians "How to engage with the Political Process"
Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall Interview : Prof Ian Shaw on the NHS Talk : Financial Incentives for Healthcare
Why the UK has no Transport Policy UoN MOOC : Propaganda and Ideology in Everyday Life
Talk : The Crisis in Post-16 Education

Social Justice and Civil Society

Social Justice Interviews

Green Consumer Challenges Eco Interviews

Talk : The Hyson Green Eco-House

Initiatives of Change Workshop How to Disagree

"Troubling times"

Talk : Conspiracy Theories Proof that activism really can work>

Unintended Consequences....

Amazon, I can't shop with you any more
Framing the Debate

"Bosnia-A Short History by Noel Malcolm"


Great stuff on the BBC

Conspiracy Theories

Portrayal of Muslims in TV drama


Talk : Animal Testing Post Truth by James Ball


Art in Nottingham

Himmah Notts Green Festival

Talk : Notts Award Winners

Peace Makers Walk
Five Leaves Bookshop

The "Aspiration Wall" at St Ann with Emmanuel Church

Nottingham Citizens "Interview : Louise Cooke from the Sharewear"

Nottingham Central Fire Station - Tour Review

92nd Scout Group

BFTF loves Cycling

Nottingham Architecture and Urban Design

"Nottingham Decent Homes Impact Study"


Global Companies Challenge (Fitness)

Arty Stuff

Talk : Biophilic Design by Nicole Porter

"Talk : The Politics of Illness"

The National Pollinator Strategy

Muslim soldiers fighting for Britain

The Monte Carlo Simulation in Finance

Martinmas Fair Joe Gormley "Battered Cherub"


"Barefoot in Baghdad" by Manal M Omar Talk - Uri Gordon on Anarchism"

Talk : Mathematic­s, from failure to functionality

Talk : Who's afraid of groups and why?
Talk : Seeing Muslims

"Talk : A State of Mind"

Talk : Field of Spears This World - Iraq: Did My Son Die in Vain?

Independent Panel on Forestry report

The World in 1933 Talk : Animal Testing

Booing the National Anthem

The Olive Tree Campaign The Baader Meinhof Complex

Families Forum

Plain Cigarette Packaging

Killings in Syria - What can you do?

"The Islamic Enlightenment" by Christopher Bellaigue

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