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How to engage with the Political Process
Some notes from a workshop looking at how legislation is made; think tanks; why voting matters, how to contact your MP; and much more.
UK Taxation
Why do we need taxation? Who is avoiding taxation? What should be changed? And lots more
Coalition / Conservative Government 2010 onwards
A post to hold various stuff related to the Coalition / Conservative administration 2010 onwards, inc challenges to Notts Conservatives
"23 Things They Didn't Tell You About Capitalism"
Notes from this fascinating book by economist Ha-Joon Chang
All BFTF's NHS related posts, brought together in one place, with items covering the 2012 NHS Bill. STP's, Mental Health Policy, Comparison to US Healthcare and more...
True Cost of Austerity
Some notes from a 2015 Advice Nottingham event that looked at the effect of recent welfare reforms, including the economic context, mandatory reconsideration, sanctions, case studies and much else.
Other posts :
Notes from "Led by Donkeys" by Led by Donkeys.
Talk : Baroness Helena Kennedy on Populism and the Assault on Law
"The Cartoon Introduction to Economics" Vol1 Microeconomics
Questions to Nottingham Conservatives
Financial incentives for Healthcare
Example of poor behaviour by MP's in a Parliamentary debate.
The Crisis in Post-16 Education Plain Cigarette Packaging
Hansard - Straight from the Horses Mouth
20mph limits in Nottingham and Portsmouth
PFI (unfinished)
Housing (unfinished)
Talk : Uri Gordon on Anarchism
Talk : Mathematics - from failure to functionality
Notes from "Trolley Wars" by Judi Bevan

"Voodoo Histories" by David Aaronovitch
Notes from a book that looks at a number of conspiracy theories and considers why they are so attractive to some people.
Framing : Don't think of an elephant!
Notes on a book by George Lakoff on framing and its use in political discourse, with a cameo from Denzel Washington
Examples of Conspiracy Theories
Examples of Conspiracy Theories that have appeared on BFTF's socia media timelines..
Troubling Times
Cautionary tales of the signs of fascism, from the past and from today.
Examples of shockingly poor journalism, which often creates divisions in society.
“Post Truth - How Bullshit conquered the World" by James Ball
14 things learnt from this important book with the tagline "This is the story of bullshit: what’s being spread, who’s spreading it, why it works - and what we can do to tackle it”.
24hrs on an Anti Vaccine Facebook Page
Worried parents do not stand a chance in the misinformed echo chamber that is an anti-vaccine FB page

Talk : Sense about Science
Gave Squires notes on a talk by Leah Fitzsimmons on the "Ask for Evidence" campaign.

Pseudoscience on Social Media
Some examples of willfully misleading things that look like science, but aren't.

Other posts :
The "Hierarchy of Argument"
Talk : Conspiracy Theories
Why Politicians are viewed as untrustworthy
Propaganda and Ideology in Everyday Life
Portrayal of Muslims in TV drama
Booing the National Anthem
Great Comedy on Radio4
German Support for Hitler in the 1930s
The effects of nuclear weapons
How to talk to Terrorists
What propagates mass shootings?
Report : Study of the EDL
X - Cultural icon or private property?
Two days as "X"
Short post on Uninteded Consequences
Perils of Perception Survey
Positive Muslim Stories (for use when facing racists)
The UK's best quality

Climate Change Science - A Very Short History
Scientists have been known that CO2 emissions were significant for over a hundred years....
"Are Trams Socialist? Why Britain has no Transport Policy"
Notes from this book by Christian Wolmar that looks at how transport policy has changed in the UK over the last century.
The Hyson Green Eco-House
Notes from a Cafe Sci talk by Moby Farrands Dr Amanda Smith on low cost living in urban areas. Very important!
Talk : Go Dutch - Designing Cycling into the City
Talk by Matt Turner on how cycling is prioritised into the urban infrastructure in the Netherlands.

Cycling Infrastructure
Various items relating to cycling infrastructure, mostly in Nottingham
Other posts :
Talk : Biophilic Design by Nicole Porter
Eco Interviews
Amazon, I can't shop with you any more
Consumer Challenges
Interviews with Ferg Slade (NCVS), Morris Samuels (Unity Project) and Julia Hawkins (ETI)
INEOS vs FrackFreeNotts debate 2017
Climate Change is a "wicked" problem
Proof Activism really can work

Art in Nottingham
Images and a few notes from some of the many art exhibitions held in Notts over recent years.
Nottingham Green Festival
Held every year in September, this is a great event. Check out some images to get a feel for what it is like...
Notts Award Winners
Just a few of Nottingham's companies, people and groups that have won regional or national awards.
Nottingham Architecture and Urban Design
A small fraction of Nottingham's (and a few other places) interesting architecture.
A few snapshots of the community activism, foodbank and other work that Himmah has been involved with.
Five Leaves Bookshop
Is this Nottingham's finest bookshop?
Sharewear Clothing Programme
Interview with Louise Cooke from this project that provides high quality clothing, shoes, bedding and bath towels free of charge to people in need.
Other posts :
Prof Harding talk on Nottingham's role in the search for the structure of DNA
Some Nottingham focused blogs and websites
Al-Nisa Network
The Aspiration Wall
Nottingham Citizens
Camping near Clipstone
A "Thank You" to the teachers at Berridge Primary School
Nottingham Fire Station Tour
NIFC and the Health and Well-being board
Water Exhibition at Lakeside Gallery
Muslim Communities in Nottingham - reports
The Alloted Recreation Grounds of Nottingam
A Challenge to local political parties
Interview with Jamahl Peterkin from the Nottingham Peace Project


Various art related posts from around the world, brought together into one place
"Battered Cherub" by Joe Gormley
Notes from the autobiography of former NUM leader Joe Gormley.
"Bosnia - A Short History" by Noel Malcolm
Notes from this troubling book on the history of Bosnia.
Families Forum
Notes from a talk but Robi Damelin and Ali Abu Awaad on this organisation which consists of several hundreds of bereaved families, half Palestinian and half Israeli. A wish to record this transcript of the talk is why I started blogging.
Other posts :
Some Nottingham focused blogs and websites "Prisoners of Geography" by Tim Marshall
"The Islamic Enlightenment" by Christopher de Bellaigue
"Barefoot in Baghdad" by Manal M Omar
Airstrikes killing civilians
Talk: The Euro Crisis
Talk: Animal Testing
Talk : Olive Tree Campaign
The Baader Meinhof Complex
Olympics and Paralympics 2012
WW1 from the Air
The World in 1933
Talk : A defence of the Monte Carlo Simulation in Finance
A trip to Stockwood Park Discovery Centre
New York Architecture
Israr Raja and the "9 Dirham Challenge"
Who's afraid of Groups, and Why?
London - Tiltshifted
This World - did my son die in vain?
Washing Up Index
Notes on "The Knowledge" by Lewis Dartnell