Friday, 20 June 2014

The "Aspiration Wall" at St Ann with Emmanuel Church, Nottingham

Recently, BFTF happened to be at the St. Ann with Emmanuel Church in St.Anns with the 92nd and the 4th Scout Groups.

While there, BFTF had a look around and was entranced by the "Aspiration Wall" on which children had placed paper "bricks" with a note about their aspirations (either for themselves or for others). Some of the notes were very touching and, with the Church's permission, are shown below..

Rev Karen Rooms listening to the Scouts,
with the "Aspiration Wall" in the background

When I get older I whant To be a Teacher

I wont to bey a under civer coper

I want to get a level 6 in Sats.
I want to go to Nottingham High School

Oh Allah I would like to be a Dentist lady
(suspect this was written by a Muslim visitor)

Lots of youngsters wanting to be footballers

I pray that my nan gets better

Also I want to be kind to my friend

I want my cosen to get bettr

I want to be my Dad my Dad is kind

I want to make my gradma better