Sunday, 28 August 2011

BFTF Washing Up Index

Whilst they may be great chefs, there is one aspect of cookery that Delia Smith, Jamie Oliver or Gordon "I can swear for England" Ramsey are always strangely silent on - the Washing Up.

Just as some dishes are easy to make and some are hard, so some dishes result in virtually no washing up at all - while other produce washing up that requires the use of jackhammers and a gritblaster to sort out.

Perhaps those celebrity chefs lead a charmed life, where there is always someone else to do the washing up - but BFTF (and no doubt yourself, dear reader) has to live in the real world where it would be good to know what the washing up implications of a particular dish were.

To help out with this, BFTF has compiled a "Washing Up Index", which is shown below. All the recipes on this blog will include a "Washing Up Index" rating, so that you know where you stand.

BFTF "Washing Up Index"
VERY HARDLots of stuff stuck to plates and dishes, significant soaking may be required, likely to clog sink
HARDLots of stuff stuck to plates and dishes, likely to clog sink
MEDIUMGood clean required but everything breaks up easily and does not clog sink
EASYSome care and a little elbow grease required
VERY EASYLittle or nothing to wash, everything comes off easily
It would be great to know if you have any dishes that have unusually low or high Rating on the Index. . .