Thursday, 3 January 2013

Report - A study of the EDL

Faith Matters have recently published a report entitled "A Study of the English Defence League" which investigates what draws people of faith to right wing organisations and the effect that the EDL has on community cohesion and interfaith relations.
The report really is worth reading, and the links it reveals between the EDL and extremist faith groups are frightening.

The fact that the EDL fundraised in the US has echoes of the notorious NORAID campaigns that funded the IRA in the 70s and 80s.

The report makes a series of key points:

There is a need to maintain resilience as the EDL's message is tailored to play on historical angsts Between faith groups and their campaigning with faith groups is thought out.

Christian institutions on a national level, bar a few locally, have not been robust in condemning the actions of the EDL which disrupt communities and who attempt to divide Christian and Muslim communities.

Religious institutions need to recognise the fact that a small number of radicals within their communities might be drawn to right--‐wing organisations…

The EDL has European and international links which allows it to fundraise at an international level. British authorities need to look at their international money flows, especially when extremist groups are involved…the ability to raise funds from the US need to be highlighted, since US residents promoting street based social unrest in the UK by donating to the EDL needs to be curtailed.

Religious communities should emphasise that the actions of small groups of extremists should not be allowed to represent their whole faith. Each group should publicly denounce their actions robustly at local and national levels

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