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Mums and Tots Wollaton

BFTF has been hugely impressed by the Mums and Tots group based at Wollaton Mosque and Community Centre and run by HR consultant Saema Mohammad.

Back in autumn 2013, the groud held a coffee morming that raised over £500 for MacMillan Cancer Support

A few months later, they held another event that riased over £1000 to support Save the Chilren's efforts in helping survivors of Typhoon Haiyan that had hit the Phillipines.

Meanwhile, Saema noticed that there were relatively low numbers of women attending the Mosques, which prompted her to undertake some research into the issue. The resulting report, which has been researched with impressive diligence, can be found here.

The main conclusions are shown below :
1) The findings demonstrated that women think it is important for the masjid and women do find the masjid welcoming. Attending masjid made women feel part of their communities.

2) Women currently attend masjid for a range of activities, the top ones being praying salah in congregation and educational classes. In terms of what women want, the most wanted is Q&A session with the Imam followed by hobby related activities.

3) From the focus groups, it was established that the barriers preventing women from attending masjid are around the following areas: management of masjid, accessing the masjid, women and children, culture, fear of being judged, engagement, accessibility of Imams, experience of Imams and British society and culture.

4) Recommendations in the form of an action plan have been compiled for Karimia in an attempt to facilitate more participation of women in their centres. These recommendations can be used by masjids across Nottingham.

Some of the recomendations are shown below :

Masjids should communicate with each other to share best practice and benchmark

Devise and implement a complaints/feedback policy

Challenge behavior and attitudes that proves to be ‘anti-children’

Create an atmosphere where all are welcome regardless of background or faith

Use social media - Facebook, twitter to engage a range of audiences

Advertise time for when women can see Imam

Imams to keep abreast of contemporary issues in our society

Imams to participate in community walkabouts [BFTF likes this one A LOT]

BFTF suspects that the report, and the recommendations are of value to many faith and community groups, but particularly those whose congregations are of overseas heritage.

Happy Mums! Happy Tots! at the "Save The Children" coffee morning

Update May15
Combined operation this month between Mums and Tots Wollaton, the Al-Nisa network and Muslim Hands. All working together to raise funds to help the victims of the Nepal Earthquake, which killed over 9,000 people and left hundreds of thousands homeless.

Cakes........many cakes....

Cakes, Samosa, fruit, smiles. The complete package!

Tariq Nasir explains how
 Muslim Hands are helping in Nepal to Lilian Greenwood MP


Update Sep15
Yet another MacMillan Coffee Morning held by the Mums and Tots Group, as part of the Al-Nisa Network, recently. And these good people managed to raise £256.98!

Cakes......many cakes.........

A relaxing atmosphere

Good People


Dec 2013
A Nottingham parent and toddler group recently raised over £1000 to support Save the Chilren's efforts in helping survivors of Typhoon Haiyan which has ravaged the Phillipines.

The coffee-morning event was organised by Saema Mohammad and the "Mums and Tots" group at the the Muslim Community and Cultural Centre, Wollaton, Nottingham on 6th December.

And the event was a hit with both the "Mum" and "Tot" demographics, with plenty of food (decribed by Saema as being "Nom nom yummilicous") as well as play and craft activities for the little ones.

Happy Mums! Happy Tots!

Saema commented that attendance was mostly non-Muslim in the morning, with the Muslim Mums arriving in the afternoon, after Friday prayers.

Once again, Imam Asif Ali absolutely nails the
"yoof" look with a long-sleeve / short-sleeve combo top.

Reflecting on the event, Saema commented that "it gives me an incalculable amounts of satisfaction to see the community coming together for a good cause. It really is amazing what we can achieve when we come together"

Ameen to that, Sister!

Update 29th Dec:
Emailed Imam Asif Ali and Sr Saema to say thank you for organising this event, which is heartwarming on so many differnt levels.

Asked Nottingham InterFaith Council to publicise the event as an example of how the Muslim community reaches out to wider society.

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Mums and Tots raises over £500 for MacMillan Cancer Relief

You can contact the Mums and Tots group on their "Mums and Tots Wollaton" Facebook page or by emailing Saema on

Image Sources:
Images by kind permission of the Wollaton Mums and Tots group.


Oct 2013
Great to see that one of the organisations participating in the Macmillan ‘World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’ events on Friday 27 September was the "Muslim Cultural Centre Wollaton".

The MCCW event was organised by Saema Mohammad and the "Mums and Tots" group at the centre. A report by Saema on the NCVS blog describes how all the planning paid off when they opened up the centre to the whole local community and "...were overwhelmed by the amount of people who came walking through the doors to help us raise funds for Macmillan..."

Mmmm. Cakes....

Saema estimated that they sold cakes and drinks to some 200people at the event, and raised a whopping £517.43 for MacMillan on the day.

Da Kids Had Fun !

Saema comments that "There were many happy people and lots of smiles on the day. A memorable comment during the event was hearing a little girl say much fun she was having! As well as simply having cakes and tea and coffee on sale, we had organised activities for children such as crafts, face painting and henna artistry. And as for the cakes – well, everyone was spoilt for choice with a wide range of scrumptious offering donated by many many talented bakers!", adding that "I also really enjoyed introducing and showing people from other faith backgrounds the mosque set up – the artefacts in the mosque, and how the imam leads the prayer."

Imam Asif Ali looking bang on trend in a
long sleeve/short sleeve combo


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  1. Jazakhallah bro Ash.

    One of the outcomes of the research has been the formulation of An-Nisa Network to progress womens activities at the masjid. We publicise our activities on Facebook, 'An-Nisa Network'