Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A "Thank You" to the teachers at Berridge Primary

Been going through the stuff No3 son brought home on his last day at Berridge Primary School and was struck by how his writing improved over the time he was at the school.

So, this post is a big THANK YOU to the teachers there for working so hard to teach No3 Son literacy, numeracy and much else - and to a pretty good standard too!





From Aug 2012:

No3 son was writing a poem recently and, to encourage him, BFTF ofered to put it on the blog if it was written neatly.

It was, so here goes :

I feel,
As bright as a bulb,
As smart as uniform,
As quiet as a mouse,
As loud as a class,
As hard working as mother nature,
As sharp as a sword,
As fast as a hare,
As soft as snow,
As sticky as blu-tack.


From Aug 2012:

No3 Son has been a member of his school council this year and brought home all his council related paperwork at the end of term today.

The comments from the meetings were often really charming and showed how thoughtful the children were. BFTF hopes that it is ok to print just a few of them to give you a feel for the kind of thing they discussed. Each class had a representative on the council. It's worth remembering that all of these ideas came from the (primary school) children themselves:

27 April : Class 5 think it would be a really good idea to raise money for school by bringing in toys and games we no longer play with and selling them.
Class 3 have been discussing the possibility of helping the elderly people in the area. School Council thought about a tea or coffee morning. They think it would be a valuable experiecne for the elderly and children alike.

16 March : Class 9 mentioned that football is causing problems for the bowlers in cricket (during lunchbreak). The school council discussed this and thought that maybe some of the "run-ups" are far too long.
Class 3 asked whether there was an alternative to ordinary taps in the toilets - something that may help us to save water.

10 February : Class 4 would like a designated handstand wall.

Date N/A : Class 4 complined about the cricket position because the left handers are free to hit it where ever they like, whereas the right handers have to hit it straight. This is not fair and Class 4 would like to move the postion.
Class 6 stated that teachers push in line to get flapjacks and children want this to stop.
Class 10 asked why Yr3's can't be referees.

4 November :Class 3 (Yr5+6) asked to be allowed to do show and tell. They feel it is important to share work just like they younger Year 3 and 4 do.