Written from the East Midlands city of Nottingham, the Building for the Future(BFTF) blog can perhaps most easily be described as a blog that mostly encourages people to do something practical to make the world a better place, rather than just whinging from the sidelines. BFTF is aware that sounds rather corny, but there you go.

BFTF is a volunteer for a number of organisations, hosts a show on Radio Dawn 107.6FM, writes for the Invitation Magazine and also runs the Notts based sciency blog www.nottinghamscience.blogpsot.com.

Some of the motivations for this blog are (in no particular order):
BFTF's late dad was a volunteer for many causes.
Pointless waiting for masajid to change by themselves
If Muslim community wants positive stories they need to generate them themselves
Need for a counter to narrative of those who who preach ghetto Islam
Need for a counter to mentality of those who circulate conspiracy theories
Wish to provide a long term, text based, archive for radio interviews
Place to articulate arguments and point of view that can then be linked to easily when required
Wish to show how many issues lie in the "common ground" between Muslims and wider society
Wish to have a site that is of interest to all, not just the 3% of pop who are Muslims

BFTF in the Media
Short article on Volunteering in the Nottingham Post
Short mention on BBC Nottingham, talking about the Good Friday prayer at a mosque and Nottingham Inter Faith Council.

BFTF can be contacted at ash_choudryy {at} yahoo {dot} co {dot} uk