Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Olympics and Paralympics 2012

The 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics have been quite a ride!

Everyone will have taken their own memories away from the Olympiad, and BFTF is no exception, which are shown, somewhat self-indulgently, below :

REALLY HEARTWARMING - NHS at the opening ceremony
With the recent NHS reforms threatening to change the very nature of the NHS, an institution that BFTF (as a parent) values almost beyond measure, it was great to see the director of the opening ceremony, Danny Boyle, give the NHS such a starring role. You can see just HOW starring a role here. Certainly sent a message to the US audience!

REALLY EXUBERANT Nicola Adams and Jade Jones
BFTF was charmed by the sheer exuberance of two of Team GB's most ferocious Gold medallists, Nicola Adams (Flyweight Boxing Gold) and Jade Jones (Taekwondo, 57kg class Gold) on winning their competitions. Like Tiggers, they bounced around with megawatt grins on their faces as they celebrated their victories. BFTF wishes them many more years of success in punching and kicking, respectively, the living daylights out of their competitors.

REALLY CLOSE cycling finishes
Some of the velodrome Gold medals were won by the very thinnist of margins, such as this photo-finish in the Keirin that gave Sir Chris Hoy on of his Gold.

REALLY FAST Paralympic sprinting
The Ambulatory Paralympic sprint events were every bit as exciting as those in the "ordinary" Olympics and it was great to see that it was no longer a show dominated by Oscar Pistorius, with Jonnie Peacock dominating the T44 100m final to bring home the gold with a time of 10.90seconds.

BFTF hopes that the future sees Paralympic sprinters getting faster and faster until they are not just the fastest paralympians, but rather the fastest men (and women) on on the planet - full stop.

REALLY ENTERTAINING Paralympic Presenters
One unexpected aspect of the Paralympics was that it also gave paralympic TV presenters a change to get on the airwaves. Their uniformly professional and energetic performances genuinely left BFTF wondering why they were not more widely represented in TV generally.

Adam Hills, presenter of Channel Fours Paralympics related chat show, was a star previously unknown to BFTF- and it would be great to see him more often on TV.

You can find out more about the C4 Paralympic presenting team here.

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