Sunday, 27 September 2015

Fracking in Nottinghamshire

Responded to the Governments Consultation on Habitat Regulation Assessments (which closes on 29th Sep) with the following comments :

"Regarding block references SK46c, SK47b, SK55, SK56i, SK57c, SK66b, SK66c, SK67a, SK76b [last one in error]
I am very concerned that accidents, borehole case breakages and deviations from best practice during drilling operations at the above block locations will threaten water quality in the Sherwood Sandstone Aquifer.
I am very concerned that the large quantities of water required for drilling operations, and the need for disposal of resulting waste water, will have a significantly adverse environmental impact at the above block locations.
I am very concerned that the large heavy good vehicle traffic associated with drilling operations will have an adverse environmental impact at the above block locations
I see nothing in the Assessment that gives me confidence that the concerns listed above have been adequately addressed"
Maps of the relevant areas are below, showing the overlap between the fracking buffer zones and the buffer zones around conservation areas and other important areas.









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  1. "borehole case breakages" (sic)

    You have absolutely no idea what you are writing about.

  2. Yetypu. Whilst my terminology may not be spot on (I'm not a geologist), I think my meaning is pretty clear. What exactly do you mean when you say I have no idea what I am writing about?

  3. Yetpu, this is the kind of breakage I am referring to :