Tuesday, 27 May 2014

GCC : Global Companies Challenge

Wednesday 28th May 2014 sees the start of the Global Companies Challenge 2014, a competition over 100 days involving over 57,000 teams from 1,500 employers around the world!

Companies that join the challenge can submit teams of of 7 people. Many companies submit dozens of teams from across their sites.

Each team member gets a pedometer and logs their steps each day into an interactive website (with conversion factors available for swimming and cycling too)- the more steps the team takes, the higher up the global leaderboard they get.

And all through the campaign, the GCC website offers tips on better diet and healthier living.

According to GCC, 90% of participants said that the competition had improved their overall health and wellbeing, with 4.5kg being the average amount of weight lost and 62% of participants reporting a reduction in their waistsize, of an average of 5.2cm.

BFTF participated last year and lost about 7kg in weight, walking a long, long way and cycling over 600miles in the process.

Below are a few screenshots from the BFTF's page at the GCC website

Website shows steps taken (as well as cycling and swimming conversions)
and also organisation and team averages

Virtual trophies are given for specific achievements

Not a bad cycling result in 2013,
but for 2014 BFTF is going all out to get all 4 shields,,,

GCC is a great programme, and BFTF is looking forward to the 2014 cometition enormously.

Bloggage will suffer however, so the number of postings and updates is likely to see a drop until the programme ends in September...

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