Monday, 11 November 2013

Tree Planting at High Wood Cemetery

The Invitation Magazine and The Woodland Trust recently teamed up to organise a tree planting event at the High Wood Cemetery in Nottingham.

The Invitation Team, the helpful Council groundsmen a bloke in shades

The event involved planting some 420 saplings around the Muslim area of the cemetery, and as part of the hedgerow in the Muslim children’s graveyard area. There were a variety of small samplings to choose from, including Cherry, Rowan, Hawthorne and Ash. The event was open to all, with a donation of £10 for each tree planted helping to support the Invitation Magazine. Attendance was good and very broad, from young children to the elderly, with a balanced mix of male and female participants.

 A good cross section of people at the event

Some of the trees were planted by children representing youth groups.

A youngster plants a sapling on behalf of Karimia FC

Many were families wanted to plant a tree in the name of departed relatives (as, indeed, was the case with BFTF).

Planted Saplings, some with notes to departed relatives
in whose names they had been planted

It turned out that it is surprisingly simple to plant a sapling, you just dig the spade into the ground, lever the blade forward and then place the sapling in the gap that is created. Simples.

No3 Son waters the newly planted sapling

Children were, unsurprisingly, hugely excited to be a part of the event, as (equally unsurprisigly) many had never planted a tree before.

No3 Son and his tree-planting certificate

The Invitation Team Go Large
(but check out the photobomb in the background)

It was great to see a Muslim organisation reaching out to a charity like the Woodland Trust, this kind of initiative is an important step forward for the Muslim community, so well done to the Invitation for thinking innovatively outside of the communities "Comfort Zone". You can see a short video of the event here

Part of the Muslim section of the cemetery

BFTF hopes that, in the future, the Invitation will take the next step and organise a mass tree planting in the Christian section of the cemetery, or by a school, or in a park - any of which would provide further, and very unambiguous, evidence that Muslims can work selflessly for the benefit of wider society.

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Image Sources Some images courtesy of the Invitation, the rest BFTF's own.

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