Saturday, 21 September 2013

The "Deen Riders" visit Nottingham

The "Deen Riders" rode into town today as part of a day long fundraising effort for Syria. The day started with dawn prayers in London, folowed by visits to Bradford, Nottingham and Luton.

In Nottingham they touched down at Bobbbers Mill Community Centre, having been invited there by Karimia and Himmah, a local grassroots social action group.

The funds raised are going to help the struggling civilian population in Syria by sending key medical supplies, infrastructure equipment (such as bread making ovens) and other supplies to that war torn country.

The Deen Riders at Bobbers Mill Community Centre

Jamaal Richards, chairman of the group, explained how the Deen Riders ("Deen" is the Arabic word for "Faith") had been involved in a number of projects over the last few years, including "Ride Aid:GOSH" in which the Riders travelled through London raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

BFTF asked Jamaal for any encounters with the public that had particuarly touched him and he responded by recounting how the Riders had stoppped at Beaconsfield Services on the M40 where an elderly couple, completely unfazed by all the leather and bikes, came over to chat with the team. Jamaal said that they had spent perhaps 20minutes talking and the couple had been so impressed with the work that the Riders were doing that they had donated money to the project there and then!

Another ride that was etched in Jamaal's memory was the "Revert to Reality" ride in the lake district in support of the homeless in London. The ride involved the team performing their morning prayers with stars still visible in the sky and seeing some beautiful scenery during the day.

"In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful"

The Riders performed their afternoon prayers at Bobbers Mill Community Centre, after which one of the team gave a short talk to the riders to remind them to be courteous on the roads and set a good example to others.

Out of everything that BFTF saw at the event, it is the image below that has most touched BFTF's heart. To see so many big guys sitting so humbly really gives one pause for thought.Respect, on so many levels, to the Deen Riders.

Touching to see such humble bikers

With such a magnificent display of machinery on display, it seemed to BFTF that a few awards were due, so in no particualr order...

The "Best bone dome" award goes to Norm for this startling item:

Norm's bright headgear

The "Most British Machine" award goes jointly to Kamran and Usman for riding a pair of gorgeous Triumphs:

Usman and Kamran by their beautiful British Triumphs

Lastly, the "Most Carbon" award was easily won by Asif for this mean machine:

Asif's carbon clad machine

Sadly, all too soon, the Deen Riders were leaving Bobbers Mill to begin the last leg of their journey, aiming to be in Luton in time for Maghrib prayers....

All too soon, the Deen Riders were
riding off into the late afternoon sun

Perhaps the last word on this should go to Mrs BFTF's final comment in the short exchange below, which happened as this post was being written:

Mrs BFTF : Who are these guys fundraising for?
BFTF : Civilians in Syria.
Mrs BFTF : Well, you better give them some money then, hadn't you.

The Deen Riders "Just Giving" page is here

The Deen Riders do exactly what it says on the tin.

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