Sunday, 18 November 2012

Great stuff on the BBC

Whilst the BBC is not without its problems in terms of its dramatic and news output, its factual programming world class. So much so that BFTF thinks it needs its own page to showcase some of this great stuff...

A State of Mind
Fascinating programme of the lives of two gynmansts in North Korea preparing for the annual "Mass Games" event. See here for a more detailed post on this prog.

Apr 2013 : The Genius Of Turner - Painting the Industrial Revolution
Great programme describing how some of Turners paintings covered key changes in the Industrial Revolution. See here for a more detailed post on this prog.

Mar 2013 : This World - Iraq: Did My Son Die in Vain?
Very, very sad programme about the state of Basra 10 years on from the US-led invasion of Iraq. The programme looks at the story of Geoff Dunsmore who travels to Basra to see how the city has progressed in the years since his RAF reservist son Chris lost his life there in a rocket attack on a UK military base in 2007. A full review on this program can be found here. BFTF recalls that it was a Labour Government that took the UK into that war and asked the local MP whether, if it had been the current leadership in place back in 2003, whether they would also have taken the UK into Iraq and precipitated the disaster that Basra then suffered.

Nov 2012 : Storyville : Kings of Pastry
A documentary about chefs competing in a once-every-four-years pastry competition in France. See here for full post on this programme.

Nov 2012 : Storyville : From the Sea to the Land Beyond: Britain's Coast on Film
Storyville rarely disappoints, and this was no exception. Produced using over 100 years of BFI archive footage, the programme showed how the people and industry on the UK's coastline had changed over the decades, all to a soundtrack by Brighton-based band British Sea Power. A particularly moving sections included how London Docklands has changed from being a warehouse and fishing based area, to an area of dereliciton, to a place of luxury flats for city workers.

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