Sunday, 30 September 2012

20th Century Battlefields

The recent series on the BBC entitled "20th Century Battlefields" has been utterly fascinating.

Presented by John and Dan Snow, the series has covered key battles across the globe covered battles across the globe.

For BFTF, the most interesting feature of the series is the clear and concise way the presenters describe the battle, which is a change from some other progeammes. In particular, the programme uses innovative graphics that aim to give the viewer an understanding of the battle, instead of aiming to be as flashy as possible.

A couple of screenshots are shown below, from the episode on the Falklands, to give a feel for how well the graphics conveyed what was going on.

Graphics showing Harriers dropping cluster bombs on Argentinian artillery,
with Argentinian(blue) and British(Red) forces in the background

Graphics showing British(Red) forces during the attack on Mount Tumbledown,
making it really easy to understand what happened during the battle

A really good effort from the BBC, and exactly the kind of informative programme that BFTF likes to see.

So chuffed was BFTF this it sent an email to the BBC thanking them for the clarity of the production.

(Images captured from iplayer)

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