Friday, 15 June 2012

Well Done Martha Payne

Late yesterday evening, BFTF saw a tweet saying that Atgyll and Bute Council had banned a blog about school dinners called NeverSeconds, run by nine-year -old Martha Payne.

BFTF wandered over to NeverSeconds and found it be an immensely completely charming site, and was very impressed by the initiative and creativity Martha was showing.

Impressively, the site also gave visitors the opportunity to donate to the Marymeals charity, who set up school feeding projects in some of the world's poorest communities.

Feeling something of a red mist descending, BFTF fired off a couple of tweets to the A&B council telling them the the initiative and creativity Martha was showing was something that this country needs too see more of, not less.

24hrs later and BFTF was chuffed to find that it had been part of a campaign that had resulted in the council changing their mind completely and reversing the ban on NeverSeconds - as described in this article.

The whole thing was a fascinating example of the power of social media. BFTF wondered whether this was something that the Muslim community should have been supportive of, and hopes to as a few Imams for their views of this. . .

Will post responses as BFTF gets them.

NB : No2 son contributed the word "immensely" to the above post, as BFTF was having trouble finding the right word to use.

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