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Nottingham Citizens Survey 2011

The results of this years “Citizens Survey” of Nottingham were recently released. The survey, commissioned by the City Council and NHS Nottingham, involved face-to-face interviews with 1998 citizens (approx 100 per ward) and asked questions on subjects including quality of life, community cohesion and health. It can be found here.

The survey paints a fascinating picture of the city and a few of the points that particularly caught BFTF’s eye are shown below. . .

Are you satisfied with your local area
The survey kicked off by asking people whether they were satisfied with their local area and found that 85% were “very” or “fairly” satisfied with their local area. As with many other aspects of the survey, there was a marked difference between the responses from different age groups

Satisfaction with local area, by age group
Very Satisfied (%)33343948
Fairly Satisfied (%)56484440

Factors in making somewhere a good place to live.
The most important factors here were clearly Clean Streets (49%), Level of crime (45%). Perhaps unsurprisingly, health services were more important to older respondents:

Importance of Health services in making a place good to live in, by age group
Health Services (%)31343848

Things which need improving in your area
Top responses here were Level of crime (34%), Activities for teenagers(31%) and Clean streets (30%). It was notable how the responses regarding crime and pavement repairs varied by age of respondent, as shown below:

Things which need improving in your area, by age group
Level of Crime(%)38363226
Road / Pavement Repairs(%)16222834

Local Area cohesion
Good to see that 90% “definitely” or “tend to” agree that their area is a place where people from different backgrounds get on well and that both White British and BME communities share this view. It is noticeable that (as with a number of other questions) there was a big jump in positive responses between 2008 (73%) and 2009 (86%)

Does the Council provide value for money
Some 68% of respondents “definitely” or “tend to” agree that the council provides value for money, a score that is a significant improvement on last years of 55%

Satisfaction with Council’s Handling of Enquiries
Dissapointingly, 64.2% of respondents who had contacted the Council in the last year were very or fairly satisfied with the Council’s handling of their last query, but 28.9% were very or fairly dissatisfied.

How do you feel about Nottingham as a whole?
67.1% of respondents would speak highly about Nottingham, a large increase on previous surveys, and a further 21.5% would be neither positive nor negative.

Internet access
One of the most interesting parts of the survey related to internet access, with different age groups having different levels of internet access.

Internet Access, by age group
Internet Access(%)94867640

Significantly lower access in north and north west of city. Access was overwhelmingly at home, via broadband.

Those who did not have internet access gave a variety of, somewhat unexpected, reasons. Across all respondents, the main reason given by respondents who do not have access to the internet is that they see no use in it (42%), lack of knowledge of how to access or use it (27%) or an inability to afford it (23%). Broken down by age, it looks like this:

Reasons for not accessing Internet, by age group
See no use in it(%)273856
Don't know how to access/use(%)203338
Can't afford it(%)422819

The report also covered a number of other issues, including health related subjects such as Smoking, Alcohol, Mental Health and Obesity

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