Thursday, 19 April 2012

Mohammed Jabbar

Just sent this email to the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in London. It's pretty self explanatory :

Dear Embassy of Iraq,


I've just read a heart rending account of the plight of Mohammed Jabbar, one of Baghdads bomb disposal experts, who has lost an arm and a leg in an IED explosion.

He is one of Iraq's heroes, and surely deserves the full support of the state in ensuring that his life is made as easy as possible, and that he has an adequate pension.

Why can't the Iraqi authorities provide him with a useable prosthetic limb, so that he can walk with his children, and the opportunity to earn enough to support them?

Hoping you can give this derserving son of Iraq the help he deserves.

We should all be doing something to help those facing injustice. If you feel strongly about this case, why not also email the Embassy?

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