Sunday, 27 November 2011

20mph limits in Nottingham and Portsmouth -Pt2

Following on from the post regarding 20mph speed limits, BFTF wanted to ask the council what their criteria would be for judging the trial in Sherwood a success, and also what the evidence was (in terms of accident reduction) for the claim in the Evening News that “"We have had considerable success with the 20mph zones around schools for at least five years – about 67 per cent of schools have them."

BFTF also sent an email to local mosques suggesting that this was an area where the Muslim community could find common ground with the wider society in campaigning for fewer road deaths (note that this does not nessesarily mean campaigning for 20mph limits). It might even be possible for Muslim organisations to be perceived as working for the common good and acting on the basis of the evidence available (It is sad fact that “Muslims” and “based on the evidence” are not statements that can generally be found in the same sentence).

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