Sunday, 6 November 2016

Poor Lighting at Castle Retail Park, Nottingham

Sent this to local councillors in the hope they could help to sort out the shockingly poor lighting in Castle Retail Park:

Dear Cllrs,

Have noticed that the lighting in the north end of the Castle Retail Park, especially by the pedestrian entrance and across the shop frontages, is essentially zero.

I don't think this is acceptable, and believe it is a significant hazard for people using that entrance. The hazards will be compounded should we see icy weather during the winter. I would like to challenge the site owners on this but cannot find any information on who I should email.

I hope you can advise on a suitable contact I can get in touch with. I attached a picture of the visibility when I used the north entrance recently.

This is how it looks when using the pedestrian entrance to the north of Castle Retail Park.
Not good news if you are elderly or there are icy conditions

Update 9th Nov
Received an email from the "Principal Environmental Health Officer - Health & Safety" at Nottingham Council informing BFTF of the managing agent, their email and their phone number. The EHO also said they had contacted the managing agent requesting a response within 3 working days.

When BFTF walked into the retail park in the evening, the lighting in that section of the car park had been switched on and visibility was much immproved.

Same view after lighting improved

Impressed with the speed of response all round!

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