Saturday, 1 October 2016

Questions to Labour and the Conservatives

BFTF occasionally asks questions of the local Labour and Conservative parties, but perceives that answers are not always forthcoming. So starting this post to try and keep track..

2 Oct 16 : Question to Notts Conservatives regarding missing government data.
"I've been reading up on tax rate trends and, as is my tendency, wanted to get to the source data - but have found it inaccessible as it has been shunted off the HMRC website. I find this lack of transparency disturbing and inconsistent with the behaviour I would expect from a government that wants its citizens to be informed and able to hold power to account.As the data appears to have been hidden under the watch of a Conservative Government, I'm emailing you to ask if a link to the data can be provided. The The page I visited. The (non working) link on I clicked on and whose data I am after.
Actually, the data I really wanted to get to was on historical trends in Corporation Tax and Corporate profits and is here, or it would be if it hadn't been removed. "


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