Sunday, 30 October 2016

Packaging on ALDI yogurts

BFTF bought some fruit yogurts from ALDI a while back (they were delish btw) and started wondering about the card packaging that the yogurts came in so sent this email to

"Dear Aldi
Bought a pack of your Brooklea Berries and Cherries low fat yogurts a while back, which were lovely. I was wondering about the card packaging that they came in however, and have two questions regarding it.
i) Is the card packaging really necessary?
ii) Is the card made using sustainable source stock (e.g. FSC certifed or recycled)?"

Nice Yogurts...

...but not sure about the card packaging

Update 6th Nov
Aldi got back to BFTF quite quickly, but unfortunately they didn't answer the questions actually asked:

"...[Aldi] have recently become a signatory to Courtauld Commitment 3, a voluntary agreement aimed at reducing the environmental impact of packaging and food waste. We work closely with our packaging partners to identify opportunities for improving our packaging in a way that minimises our impact on the environment. This includes increasing both the recycled content and recyclability of our packaging.

We also require all our own label products to carry the relevant recycling logo on pack, to give customers the information they need to guide their recycling. This ensures that as little waste as possible ends up in landfill after products have been used by customers.

In addition, ALDI’s target to send zero waste to landfill has already been achieved ahead of schedule; currently 100% of cardboard, paper, plastic film and foil from stores and warehouses is recycled."

Asking Aldi to actually answer the questions asked resulted in a request for product batch numbers, bar codes and product codes, so bounced back with this:

Update 9th Nov
Turns out Aldi have changed the name of the product recently. It is now "Berry Medley". Anyway, sent off the product code to Aldi.

Update 11th Nov
Received the following response from Aldi:
"We can indeed confirm that the cardboard packaging is PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forestry Certification) certified, therefore we can assure you that it is from a sustainable source."

Aldi chose not to answer the question as to whether the car packaging is really needed at all, but leaving that aside, which is best : PEFC or FSC?

FSC, unsurprisingly, say they are. And they have Greenpeace on their side.

PEFC's view is that they are as good as FSC, although the tone of their report is a little vague.

The UK government recognises both FSC and PEFC as being acceptable certification schemes.

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