Monday, 3 October 2016

Archie Ologist

BFTF and No3 Son recently visited St Anns Allotments on their annual Open Day. It was a lovely event with a number of speakers and the opportunity to have a good look around.

But, for BFTF, there was one clear star of the show - Archie Ologist

Archie explained that, unlike most archaeologists, he wasn't interested in the past - instead he was interested in the future !

He asked No3 Son for his thoughts on what the future held for topics such as transport, housing, food and energy.

It was really interesting approach and BFTF was fascinated by what No3 Son had to say (which included cloud cities to free up land for farming, meals-in-a-pill and virtual reality instead of going to the movies).

BFTF would really like to know what other responses Archie got and strongly advises Nottingham City Council to give Archie a spot at other community events.

Archie Ologist talks to No3 Son

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