Sunday, 30 October 2016

A cycling club in Wollaton

BFTF has been impressed with the efforts of a number of people to start up an informal cycling club in the Wollaton area of Nottingham.

Starting in the summer with short 10-20 mile rides, which initially had so many punctures and mechanical failures in the group that one of the leaders, Ajaz, commented on the need for "due diligence" on riders and bikes in future rides - and then moving towards longer rides of 30-50miles - yet being able to also retain short rides for any newcomers or those who felt the full monty was a bit much for them...

Brutal 50 miler to Belvoir

...and culminating in a "coast to coast" ride in October (complete with back up logistics team). At the end of this 3-day event, Ajaz commented that :

"Highlights of C2C challenge for me was being able to ride up all the hills without stopping, while I was also watching out for others along the way. No major incident or injury we had over £150 worth spare parts but only had 5x punctures, they were fixed at roadside within minutes. A truly amazing experience of riding on different terains (gravel stones, tarmac, mud, puddles, leafs, grass) through country roads, villages, over dual carridgeways, under and over bridges. experiencing all types of weather ( rain, wind, sun, mist, drizzle). Seeing crack of dawn each day as we left the hostels at 6am."

Coast to Coast - Day 1

Coast to Coast - in the lanes

Coast to Coast - off road

Coast to Coast - Signage

Coast to Coast - highest point

Coast to coast - mission completed

The Coast to Coast route
BFTF wishes the group even more success (and more riders) in 2017.

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