Monday, 29 August 2016

Aye2Aye at Fort Willliam

BFTF rather liked this community organising hub called "Aye2Aye" located by the foot of Ben Nevis at Fort William in the Scottish Highlands.

Aye2Aye state that "Aye2Aye is a non partisan grassroots, voluntary organisation. Our purpose is the pursuit and promotion of the case for Scotland becoming an independent country."

Aye2Aye in Fort William, Scotland

Interesting to read a poster in the window which used the example of Catalonia to give examples of the pros and cons to independence.

Pros and Cons to Calatonian Independence

Another poster compared the number of voters in Scotland with the number of voters on Englands South East coast.

The question some Scots are asking

Also impressed by the work the volunteers there have done, such as this effort to help refugees.

See also their funding page.

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