Saturday, 4 June 2016

Palestinian products

Some Palestinian products that BFTF has bought in the past - because it is always better to give communities a hand-up as well (or instead of) a hand-out).

2016: BFTF was delighted to see Palestinian Medjoul Dates in a local independant store (Bismillah Food Store, Alfreton Road, Bobbers Mill, near junction with Gregory Blvd). The suppliers (Yaffa) comment that :

"Anyone who has ever tried Medjoul dates will know how sweet and delicious they are. Medjoul Dates are known to be large, sweet and very succulent to eat. They are widely regarded as the "king of dates" relating to their size. Medjoul Dates first originated from Morocco. They are called "Madjhoola", meaning anonymous in Arabic. Medjoul dates are now grown in a handfull of countries including the Palestinian Territories. A growing number of Palestinian farms are springing up around the Jericho area. Despite being so sweet, each date has only 66 calories, and they are packed with natural fibers; potassium, copper, magnesium and manganese. These dates are delicious to eat on their own or you can dip them in some sauce. "
Yaffa Dates, earlier today

The dates are delicious!


2015: BFTF bought some Zaytoun dates (which were delicious and caramely) and some Zaytoun Olive Oil from Five Leaves Bookshop in Nottingham. The products were from Zaytoun, a company who sell olive oil and other products grown by Palestinian farmers. Their website describes them thus:
Zaytoun was founded in 2004 to support the resilience and livelihoods of Palestinian farmers under occupation through fairly trading their olive oil. Initially funded by hundreds of customers who put up payment in advance of receiving their oil, Zaytoun quickly established itself as a UK social enterprise. With funding from Triodos Bank the company developed to offer a wide range of Palestinian artisan foods, and supported Palestinian farmers to pioneer the world’s first Fairtrade certified olive oil in 2009, sold through the UK market.

The range continues to grow, and is now available nationwide through independent shops, online, in Oxfam and of course through our very active network of volunteer distributors. We run two trips a year for customers to visit Palestine and learn more about life for a farming family there, and bring producers to the UK once a year for Fairtrade Fortnight.

Celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2014, we remain a successful Community Interest Company supporting the relationship between Palestinian producer communities and a growing network of passionate, discerning customers in the UK and Ireland.

Aside from some books, BFTF also bought
some Zaytoun Olive Oil and Dates

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