Sunday, 12 June 2016

Himmah 2016 Awards & Fundraising Dinner

Himmah, the Nottingham-based, grass-roots, social action organisation, recently had their Annual Awards & Fundraising Dinner - at which BFTF learned about how Muslims had fought for the UK in WW1 and 2; the story of a Human Rights lawyer from Nottingham; and a little about Paddy Tippings clothing choices....

The Event

After an introduction to Himmah by some of the team, the first guest invited to speak was Nottingham PCC Paddy Tipping.

Paddy talked about his concerns regarding demonisation of the other, pointing out that his own ancestors had come to the UK as refugees seeking refuge from religious intolerance.

Paddy also commented on how Himmah was an organisation that, as well as creating dialogue, also did a great deal of practical work to help the disadvantaged in Nottingham.

He also told the guests that he was wearing a special item of England flag bedecked clothing to support the football team in that days Euro 2016 game against Russia (which ended 1:1, with Russia equalising in the 93rd minute btw).

Paddy Tipping

A Community Award was presented to Angie Murfitt who, during her time at ASDA Hyson Green, was involved in many projects to support local community organisations.

Angie Murfitt

Another award was presented to Rabbi Tanya Sakhnovich for her work as one of the driving forces behind the SaSh community kitchen, as well as other community initiatives. Rabbi Tanya was unable to attend due it being the Jewish celebration of Shavuot but did send a representative to take the award on her behalf.

Rabbi Tanya at SaSh

An award for volunteering was presented to Louise Regan, senior VP at the NUT, who has given a great deal of time to support initiatives aimed at helping and giving justice to the most vulnerable in society.

Louise Regan, at the Himmah Foodbank

A lifetime achievement award was given to Nottingham based Human rights barrister Usha Sood. Her biography at Trent Chambers comments that:

"Usha has always been at the heart of community matters across the Midlands and offers support to numerous charitable and public interest cases. She also combined this with an academic career as Senior Lecturer in Law at Nottingham Trent University.

Usha has numerous specialist areas including work on child abduction cases, dowry recovery, human rights, child and human trafficking, public law cases, and international family and civil law litigation."
Meanwhile, a Huffington Post interview (which you really should read in its entirety) goes into detail about a number of the cases that Usha has taken on.

Seriously, read that article!

Usha Sood

Next up was well known historian Jahan Mahmood, who talked about the contribution of Muslim soldiers from the subcontinent to the British was effort in WW1 and WW2.

Jahan talked about how the 129th Balochistan Regiment were, in WW1, the first Indian soldiers to fight for Britain in France, and one of their number Sepoy Khudadad Khan became the first Indian to win the Victoria Cross for his bravery at Ypres.

Jahan also talked about the financial cost of the two wars on India - £479million was taken from India during WW1, which almost brought the country to its knees; and £1.3billion was taken during WW2, an eighth of British GDP.

More on the history of Muslims soldiers fighting for Britain can be found an another BFTF post here.

Jahan Mahmood 

Lastly, before the much anticipated meal at hosts Mugal E Azam restaurant, was a special award to Maxine for her relentless support and efforts to make each and every SaSh kitchen event a success.

The only image BFTF can find of Maxine, standing just behind the chap 

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Image Sources
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