Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Hey, Asda! Where did the charity booktable go?

BFTF really likes the charity booktables that can be seen in many supermarkets, and has found some great books there.

It seeems like the perfect synergy between business. The supermarket provides the high footfall, the visible-but-not-in-the-way location, while the charity provides the books. In return the supermarket gets a warm feeling and can tick its working-with-the-community box while the charity gets an outlet for books and some money coming in.

Great to see this case of charity books for sale at Sainsburys  Castle Marina

So BFTF was a bit gutted to find that the charity booktable at Asda Hyson Green suddenly vanished, and wonders where and why it has gone....

There used to be a charity booktable in this gap at Asda Hyson Green....
Update : Asked at the customer services counter and they said they had "no idea" why the table had gone.

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