Sunday, 27 March 2016


The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum reports on how US Air Force food aid drops in Syria are missing their targets because the $60,000 cost of the system used to ensure accuracy is felt to be such that "You wouldn’t use it for a purely humanitarian drop.”

For context, imagine how much the cost of the mission (planes, 21 pallets of food aid, air crew, air base costs etc) would be. And all that largely wasted because the pallets drifted off course because the were not dropped accurately.

This story raises other issues - why is the USAF doing these drops? Why not the air forces of the surrounding countries? Maybe they are and it is not being reported?

Sent an email to local MP and Conservative Party asking what the UK was doing to put this right.

Update Sep 2016
Received a message from local MP in April saying that they had written to the Minister of State (Rt Hon Desmond Swayne) to ask for a response to this question. But not received anything further.

Received a message from local Conservative Party saying that they had forwarded the question internally, but not received anything further.

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