Sunday, 22 November 2015

Muslims at risk of suicide

Very disturbed to read an article which implied that it was acceptable to put Muslims who had severe mental health problems in situations where they would be under such stress that they would be at risk of committing suicide. The article states that Home Office expert witnesses claim that that suicide being forbidden in Islam would be a "protective factor".

So, in a nutshell, the Government won't put a non-Muslim with mental health issues in a situation where they would be at risk of committing suicide.

But is okay with putting a Muslim, having the same mental health issues in the same situation because their faith will be a "protective factor".

That sounds very disturbing to BFTF. Sounds like there would be no limit to the psychological or physical stress a Muslim could be put under.

Is this also happening within the UK's prisons?

Sent an email to local MP and local Conservative party to challenge them on this issue.

Local MP responded with a letter that didn't seem to really address the issue at hand, and instead discussed the need for more support for NHS mental health services and the Government was failing to do this.

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