Thursday, 8 October 2015

Surface Gallery - Street Art Exhibition

Brilliant "Street Art" exhibition at the Surface Gallery in Hockley, Nottingham a while back...

Lots of interesting stuff

Lovely work by Lee Hendserson entitled "Hosier Lane Graff Alley" which references a narrow, graffiti covered, lane in Melbourne, Australia.

Hosier Lane Graff Alley - Lee Henderson

Another item by Mr Henderson that caught BFTF's eye was this painting called "Goshawk":

Goshawk by Lee Henderson

The lovely copper coloured work below turned out to be by an artist called "Inkie", who appears to be something of a street art phenomenon, check out his Wiki entry to see why...

Desire by Inkie

Really liked this rather large stencil by Maseu....

Stencil Life by Maseu

Also liked this incredibly detailed papercut artwork by Nottingham based artist Michael Lomax, who you can find out more about here. And is a place you may want to visit to find other examples of these painstakingly produced artworks.

Butterflied by Michael Lomax

A sucker for bright colours, BFTF was transfixed by this work entitled "Cloudy with a chance of colour" by Nottingham based artist "Jefe" (see also here). BFTF still isn't quite sure how it was made, the catalogue describes it as "crayon, spraypaint" but seems like there is a little more to it than that. Anyway, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Cloudy with a chance of colour

Finally, let's big up SEND and their community art projects....


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