Sunday, 27 September 2015

Nottingham Green Festival 2015

BFTF had a great time at this years Nottingham Green Festival, an event that has a unique vibe and ambiance!

Thanks are indeed due to funders, such as the Veggies Catering Campaign, who were key to making the event happen. A few notes and pictures below....

It was a busy event

Great selection of food, and the BFTF crew were certainly impressed with the vege burgers from the Veggies van. It was interesting to see how many of the food vendors were clearly very passionate about the ingredients they were using, and keen to demonstrate their committment to vegan and vegetarian principles by showcasing the brands available. BFTF had no idea there were so many alternatives to cows milk, for example.

Very busy at the Veggies Catering Campaign van

Interesting stuff from the Veggies Catering Campaign

Nice drink by Whole Earth

Short list of ingredients, apple juice in second place, not sugar.

Delicious dessert from Food Heaven

As might be expected, many campaigning groups had stalls at the event and BFTF had some interesting conversations, although the marine conservation group who had never heard of the MSC label might want to do a bit more research for next time...

Cuban Solidarity Stall - who'd have thunk Notts had such a group?

BFTF finds it really hard to walk buy a second hand book shop, and inevitably ended up making some purchases at the winningly named "Masked booksellers" stall.

Loved the Masked Booksellers!

Lots of dynamic activities and displays too, including Capoeira.

Capoeira, like martial arts, but at 33rpm

Bands were popular...

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