Tuesday, 2 June 2015

BFTF loves cycling...

BFTF is an occasional, very slow, cyclist - here a few pictures taken while out pedalling...


Had a tootle by some nice buildings today...

Jubilee Campus GSK Centre for Sustianable Chemistry, May 2017

Jubilee Campus GSK Centre for Sustainable Chemistry, May 2017

This did make me chuckle, on the Sustainable Chemistry Bldg

Wonder if the greenery coming through the paving is a feature or a fault?

Jubilee Campus "Ingenuity Building", May 2017

No ride feels complete without a deployment of the horn.

"Imperial Tobacco" - incredible example of brutalist architecture

Decisions, decisions. May 2017


BFTF pities the next fool who blocks a cycling path...


Interesting initiative by #GetFitNotts to "to get fit together, and make a dent in Nottingham's obesity crisis!"

Nottingham Get Fit


Check out Nottingham People on Bikes who are a "group of individuals who passionately believe that our city needs to become a safer place to get about on a bike. By achieving this goal, we will improve the health and happiness of Nottingham residents, ease congestion, improve air quality and make our communities more liveable for people."

"Space for Cycling" is one of their events :

Nottingham Space for Cycling Event


Of course, the daddy of all Notingham Cycling organisations is PEDALS. Founded in 1979, Pedals is "a member of Cyclenation (the former Cycle Campaigns Network) and also works closely with the CTC (national cyclists’ organisation) and Sustrans. We also work closely with other cycle campaign groups and individual cycle campaigners in the East Midlands, through the informal East Midlands Cyclists Forum, with occasional meetings as well as email contact and exchanges of information between the meetings.


Link to an informal cycling group in Nottingham, who last year did a "coast-to-coast" ride for charity - No1 Son participated on a number of their rides in2016


View across the Trent, from the South Side, Apr 2017


Having a bit of a morning ride and noticed the Hemlock Stone for the first time. It is located near the Bramcote Leisure Centre and composed of the same Nottingham Castle Sandstone that underlies much of central Nottingham.

The Hemlock Stone

Scientists are not sure whether the surrounding sandstone has been worn away or quarried, however the fact that the top is dark (from Industrial Revolution pollution) while the bottom is sandy coloured (due to having been worn away) suggests that erosion is uneven and that the stone will eventually become unstable and fall.

The fascinating information board describes how, at the time the sandstone was laid down in the Triassic, the UK was

"all the world's continents were joined together into a single huge landmass called Pangea...Britain was landlocked in the interior of Pangea and sweltered under a hot and humid climate. Heavy monsoonal rains fell on an ancient mountain range to the south of Britan and fed a vast seasonal river that flowed northwards across England, despositing a 400 metre thick layer of bedded, pebbly sand. Many tens of millions of years later Pangea split into several continents and the sea advanced and retreated many times across southern Britain, burying the Triassic sands beneath several hundred metres of overlying sediment. Under this enormous sediment the sands were crushed and cemented into rock - the Nottingham Castle Sandstone."

It is only over the past 20 million years that erosion has removed the younger overlying rocks to reveal the sandstone again.


Must have cycled past this dozens of times without noticing it...

A WW2 era pillbox on Trowell Moor.
Would love to learn more about it's history.


Walked around Highfields Park recently - something that BFTF hasn't done for a long time since the kids got bigger and started making their own park arrangements. Some really nice stuff going on there.

Love the beautiful benches at Highfields Park

Look what Highfields Park has done to this tree stump!

It really is very clever and educational!


Wollaton Park Lake, Mar 2017


Makes it feel much safer cycling there in the evening.

New Streetlight, Victoria Embankment, Mar 2017


Ride along parts of the Nutbrook Trail and Erewash Valley Trails (Sep 2016)

By pure chance it turned out that BFTF was cycling to work on National Cycle to Work Day, so took the opportunity to ride home the scenic way, via the Nutbrook Trail and Erewash Valley Trails. Some pics and bloggage below!

BFTF joined the Nutbrook trail at Shipley Country Park. The Nutbrook Trail follows the route of the dismantled Stanton railway branch line, which no doubt explains is gentle gradients...

The Nutbrook Trail takes you away from the traffic and into the coutnryside

BFTF joined the trail part way down

Impressed with the many projects the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust is undertaking

Mushrooms by the trail. No idea what type!

Progress, nearing the end of the trail at...

...Stanton Lock, where it joins the...

...Erewash Valley Trail.

The Erewash Valley Trail is the result of funding and development by a range of partners, including :

Erewash Trail Development Partners

BFTF is very grateful for their foresight and perseverance in making this wonderful trail a reality.

BFTF is heading south!

Sometimes the scenery is too pretty for words

Sign in Sandiacre could do with a clean...

How sweet!

Now at Dockholme Loch, heading south to Trent Lock

Well, hello there Mr Teenager Swan!

Aye, when I were a lad...

Very close to Trent Lock now...

At Trent Lock, looking across to Radcliffe on Soar Power Station

Setting sun at Trent Lock - better get a move on if want to get home before dark!

Cracks me up every time!

Sharp Left  and follow the Trent into Nottingham

Cranfield Cut has an interesting story

Now I know I'm nearly home!


Beeston Weir, 2016

Love that Nottingham Council trim the foliage by the Big Track
sent an email to Council to say thanks!

Many, many wabbits can be seen by the Big Track, 2016

Markings in preparation for Cycleway roadworks, by Lenton Roundabout, 2016

Poppies by the Big Track, 2015

Field of Wheat, next to the Big Track

Trimmed hedges make you feel loved!
Kings Wood, Jun 2015

This post follows on from the Following on from the "BFTF loves cycling 2014" post

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