Monday, 22 December 2014

Sally Morgan

DISCLAIMER: I am not suggesting for a second that Sally Morgan does not speak to the dead; or that she is not telling the truth; or that the dead do not send messages to her. This post merely refers to descriptions of some of her performances. You, the reader, will have to draw your own conclusions.

Sally Morgan
Sally Morgan (official site here, Wikipedia entry here) is a psychic who holds events around the UK.

An article describing how Sally Morgan gives out health advice

A reviewer, who reviewed on of Sally's shows in Edinburgh, and provided fake details of someone who had died, describes what he saw. Another, more comprehensive report, on this here.

A letter from lawyers to Sally Morgans solicitors regarding statements on the Sally Morgan website about Mark Tilbrook. BFTF notes (and had not picked up on this before) that saying "On several occasions theatre staff have had to call the police in order to get him [Tilbrook] removed" is not the same as saying that Police actually DID remove (or even try to remove) Mark Tilbrook.

Another report describes an event at Middleborough which, it might possibly be argued, did not go very well.

Also, someone has attended one of Sally Morgan's events and then tabulated her "hit rate" (of making accurate statements) during the event.

Psychologist Chris French estimates that Sally Morgans earnings, just from her stage shows, are several million pounds per year.

Other Psychics
BFTF does note that have been occasions in that past where, in very marked contrast to Sally Morgan, psychics have been found to be untruthful. Often these fake psychics have used "Cold Reading" techniques. You can read about these techniques here.

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  1. Damn if you sit on that fence any more you gonna do yourself some damage.

    Here let me help you.

    Sally Morgan does NOT communicate with the dead, She has no magic powers, she cannot heal anyone using supernatural means. Her husband John is a racist and a homophobe.

    These comments were written by Jon Donnis of and do not represent the opinions of this site or its webmaster.