Sunday, 31 August 2014

August 2014 - Updates and past posts

BFTF is conscious that those of you who keep up with the blog via email notifications will not be aware of the many updates that posts are given (as the email engine on blogger only sends out notifications when the post is first published, not if it is subsequently updated. And the other thing that has been preying of BFTF's mind is that there is now quite a lot of archive material on the blog, much of which is as valid today as when it was written.

So, here is a post summarising what updates have happened over the last four weeks or so, and also looking back on the most interesting posts from this month in previous years

Updates this month

Various info to aid when challenging MPs etc on Gaza
More images added to the "BFTF loves cycling" post
Additions to the "Pictures of the Sky Post".
Challenged Notts Conservatives on shockingly biased David Cameron statement on Gaza

Interesting posts from previous years

An important post detailing many ways in which a mosque can interact with society

Work-in-progress, taking best bits from some 1933 encyclopedias
All BFTF's recipes, on one delicious place
Interesting post comparing able-bodies and Paralympic team sizes of various countries
Frequently updates post with helpful homilies from Imams Disturbing post showing lack of response from Muslim orgs regarding Afghanistan Occasionally updated post on some of BBC Radio 4's best comedy

Plain Cigarette Packaging
Another disturbing post showing lack of response from Muslim orgs regarding chaos in Syria

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