Saturday, 12 July 2014

Wahhabi lecture in Nottingham

A couple of years ago, BFTF went along to a talk by a Wahhabi speaker.

Amongst the claims made were :

That pre-Wahaabi Arabia was so dangerous that people would make a will before setting out on the Hajj, and that rulers would take an army attachment with them for the same reason.

That Abd al-Wahhab did not meet with any British agents in Basra as he left there in 1740 and there was no British Counsellor there before 1767.

"If you ask the Shia who are the worst they will say the Sahaba"

Abd al-Wahhab lived in an area not controlled by the Ottoman empire.

Anyone who does not subscribe to Sahaba practices is a deviant

Commented on actions of Aisha(R.A) as being due to her "being the jealous woman she was"

Refuted claims that Wahhab killed 60 thousand Hajjis by saying that Wahhab died before the Saudi state had control of Mecca and Medina. Also claimed that only 3800 were killed in battles between Wahhabis and others.

BFTF is disturbed by the fact that speakers for an ideology that is so intolerant of other branches of Islam (never mind those of other faiths) and so ready to destroy Islamic heritage sites are able to speak in Nottingham.

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