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Dr Eoin Clarke talk on NHS in Nottingham 2012

Back in (BFTF thinks) May 2012, BFTF atended a talk by Dr Eoin Clarke in Nottingham. The talk covered various issues related to the NHS and, in particular, its privatisation under the NHS and Social Care Bill. Here are a few notes that BFTF took at the event.

Private healthcare companies have taken on a lot of debt, and need to service this. Some are using the assets they buy (e.g. hospitals) to obtain finance.
[BFTF : See this article in the Guardian]

Meanwhile, in Cambridgeshire:
1) Private companies take on finance
2) Down scale skills of employees (e.g. using workfare people to deliver meals on wheels, using Healthcare assistants to do nurses jobs.
3) All private companies exempt from Freedom of Information and whistleblowing legislation
[BFTF : Article on Circle/NHS hospital and GMB article on health service outsourcing]

50% of hospital applications for Foundation status are rejected - these hospitals merge or are sold off.
[BFTF : OpenDemocracy article on poor participation in NHS Trusts]

The work of Sally Ruane (De Montfort University) was mentioned.

Action - get CCGs to sign a pledge that they will be transparent about choice, engage meaningfully and retain local access to services

The Health and Wellbeing boards are new and do involve local communities. They should provide joined up commissioning but cannot impose decisions on the CCG

Community Health Councils were good but were abolished by Labour.

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