Sunday, 8 June 2014

Challenging CatEye on the sustainability of their packaging

BFTF recently bought a CatEye Volt 300 bicycle light to allow cycling in the dark, even where there are no streetlights.

It is a great bit of kit, and amply lights up the road in front during a night ride, so technically a pretty good choice it seems.

The CatEye Volt 300 is a great bike light -
but is the packaging from a sustainable source?

But BFTF was disappointed that the card packaging did not appear to be made from sustainbly sourced card. At £44-£50, it's not a cheap product so BFTF can't see how cost could be a reason for not using sustainably sourced card in the packaging. The CatEye website does not provide any answers, with searched for "sustainability" or "environment"

Update 17th June
Received an email from Zyro saying that both the packaging and the manual were made from reclycled paper, as per the logo on the bottom of the packaging, and attached the image below:

"This is made of recycled paper"

That would be the logo that BFTF completely failed to notice then....

Oh dear, this is a little embarrasing.

But well done to CatEye for doing the right thing!

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