Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Nottingham Citizens : A Summer of Action starts here!

BFTF was chuffed to be able to be part of the Himmah delegation attending this weeks Nottingham Citizens Delegates Assembly, where over 200 delegates from 37 of Nottingham Citizens member organisations met to decide which actions to focus on for the coming months.

It was great to see so many churches (and organisations from other faiths), charities, schools, unions and even university departments at the event - with each one part of the decision process and each one contributing to Nottingham Citizens training, event and staff costs.

Before describing what Nottingham Citizens are going to be tackling this year, it is perhaps worth looking at what they have achieved over the last year or so:

1) Taxi Driver and Passenger safety : Taxis equipped with Citisafe CCTV will start to roll out in June 2014

2) Mental Health Needs : Every org on the Notts Health and Wellbeing board will now have a mental health champion

3)Superstrength Alcohol : A major supermarket has offered to meet with Notts Citizens, and the Council - a big step forward

4) BME Police Officers : A mentoring programme has resulted in 32 BME candidates going forwards to interviews and, of these, 17 have passed through the process and (pending some admin) will become Police Officers soon

But, for BFTF, the most impressive achievement was to persuade public sector employers including Gedling, Mansfield, Ashfield and Newark and Sherwood District Councils as well as Nottinghamshire County Council to pay a Living Wage to all their directly employed staff - resulting in a pay rise for around 4,000 people! And an additional 900 people at the City Council got a pay rise to £7.45/hr, close to the Living Wage.

Delegates from many civil society orgs in Nottingham

To decide what topics to tackle for 2014, Nottingham Citizens talked to, well, Nottingham citizens, and asked them what they felt was important. As a result of this, and following much discussion and further research, the following five areas were targeted:

a) Jobs: Looking at significant opportunities for inward investment and job creation.

b) Living Wage: Hoping to crack major retailers as well as both Universities in Nottingham to urge them to do the right thing and pay their staff a Living Wage.

c) Hate Crime: Continuing the Citizens led research into Hate Crime

d) Social Care and Isolation: Aiming to train hundreds of "dementia friends" to champion and understand the needs of those with dementia, as well as demanding higher standards from the care sector in the region.

e) Homelessness & Housing: Seeking to ensure more "joined up" provision by encouraging local government housing and social care organisations to develop a joint protocol of provision.

Great Stuff, and if their past record is anything to go by, Nottingham can expect to see improvements in services for its Citizens over the coming months.

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