Saturday, 19 April 2014

New York Architecture - Oddments and Wall Street Pictures

BFTF recently had the opportunity to spend a weekend walking around Manhattan, New York and was fascinated by the architecture there.

This is the second in a series of posts about Manhattan and its buildings. The other posts in the series are :

3)Old Buildings Pictures
4)Skyscrapers Pictures

First picture, having just come out of the Port Authority Bus Station
(just south of Central Park)

THIS is how you park cars in a limited space.

A Rickshaw? Didn't see that coming!

Took this, quickly, while crossing the road, possibly around 42nd Street

Southern end of Central Park, showing outcrops of the Manhattan bedrock
and buildings in the background 

New York Stock Exchange

Wall Street looking east. Narrow, isn't it?

Wall Street looking west.
Oh, the irony of having a church so promimently close to a place like Wall Street.

Wall Street Subway Station, not as smart as one might expect....

....but then, the very rich have the option of arriving at this Heliport
just a few hundred metres from Wall Street

Image Sources
All BFTF's own

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