Friday, 21 March 2014

Easy Lemon Roast Chicken with a "nice-but-dim" erudition

Hello chaps. Jasper Roundbotham here!

Had a splendid shindig over the weekend, during which one of the lovely hosts shared this rather delicious recipe for roast chicken.

Apparantly, the secret is to use chicken that is free-range, corn fed and hasn't been loaded with water and other additives- and you can tell the difference because free-range will release hardly any water during cooking!

Now, I'm not very good at this cooking business - but the recipe seemed so easy that I thought I'd give it a bash and perhaps earn some much needed brownie points with Mrs Roundbotham.

Have to say that it turned out super-delicious! Here's the recipe :

Easy Roast Chicken

1 Free Range, corn fed, chicken (such as that supplied by H&T Foods)
1 lemon
Butter, salt, pepper

a) Preheat the oven to 200C.
b) Melt a little butter and brush over skin.
c) Cut the lemon into quarters and squeeze over the chicken, then put squeezed skins inside the chicken.
d) Sprinke salt and pepper on the chicken.
e) Cover in foil (or use those excellent roasting bags).
f) Cook for around 90mins, until juices run clear.

[Compassion in World Farming describes the inhumane conditions that intensively reared chickens are raised in. These can be contrasted with the compassionate conditions at free-range farms such as H&T Foods)]

Easy Roast Chicken

Apparently, this dish rates as "EASY" on the BFTF Washing Up Index, which is jolly handy!

There is a super list of other "easy" recipes here so perhaps I can extend my repertoire even further!

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