Monday, 24 March 2014

200,000 page views!

Wow!, the Blogger page view counter just rolled over to 200,000 page views since the BFTF blog started up back in late 2011.

Thanks so much to all the surfers, FaceBookers, Tweeters, Redditers and, no doubt, bots, who have helped get the blog to this point.

It's been an incredible ride!

Seems appropriate to provide a list of the "top 10" posts of all time, in decending order of page views. The titles will click through to the relevant posts...

1) Food Banks in Nottingham
Disturbingly, this post has twice the page views of any other post, which provides just a hint to the levels of poverty present in Nottingham

Donations to a Food Bank

2) Sustainable packaging for Jamie's Fish Fingers
BFTF never really did get a solid answer as to whether the cardboard packaging for Jamie Olivers Fish Fingers was sustianably sourced or not...

Jamie Oliver's Fish Fingers - Sustainable Fish... but what about the packaging?

3) Booing the National Anthem
When footy fans boo the national anthem they get understanding and gentle questions about their reasons. BFTF wonders how Muslims would be treated if they did the same thing.

4) The Deen Riders visit Nottingham
Rather lavishly illustrated, and quite quickly written, post on the visit of the Deen Riders to Nottingham on their tour to raise money for civilians in Syria. One of BFTF's fave posts.

Usman and Kamran by their beautiful British Triumphs

5) Moustafa Ismail and his Biceps
A short post suggesting that Moustafa's biceps weren't all that they appeared. The post got a lot of views because the story was in the news and also because the post got linked to on some Turkish social media boards.

6) Families Forum Parts 1-4 Israeli and Palestinian Stories
A wish to publicise and document this talk (which ended up needing 4 posts) was one of the reasons BFTF set up the blog. Still a very powerful story to read. Early post, so BFTF hadn't figures out how to do images yet!

7) Interview with Prof Ian Shaw regarding the NHS
Really important interview on the NHS and its future in the light of the then forthcoming Health and Social Care Bill. A must read.

NHS Flag, QMC, Nottingham

8) Hope and Homelessness Commission Report
Great to see a project from Nottingham Citizens in the Top10, in this case the focus was on ensuring that vulnerable people did not suffer unnecessarily and that tax payers money was used effectively by the National Asylum Support Service

The launch of the Hope and Homelessness Commission Report

9)Olympic and Paralympic Team Sizes
BFTF wondered what the size of a countries Paralympics team, compared to it's able-bodied Olympic team, said about the values of that country - so did a little digging and knocked up a graph!

10) Dates in the Square - Summary of Events
Great series of open air events, held in the market square, to highlight issues of social justice

Great to see such a wide demographic at the events.

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  1. Well done on reaching 200,000! I always find your posts interesting and informative..Keep it up. You have a fan in the UAE