Tuesday, 3 December 2013

No time to explain...

One of the joys of social media that it offers the chance to look into the life of people with interesting, or even not-so-interesting jobs.

So BFTF's eye was caught be a recent article in the Altantic which described how an (unnamed) shepherd in the Lake District is tweeting charming little snippets of his working day as @herdyshepherd1

BFTF followed him immediately. Trust me, you should too.

He describes his experience wih the comment that "...tweeting surprised me, because it does sometimes give you heart to know so many other people respect and appreciate what we do. Sometimes it just makes you feel a little less lonely. It gives you a kind of courage to carry on."

He has been featured in many news articles across the world and, somehow, even takes the time to respond to some of the many questions he is asked, such as this one from BFTF:

HerdyShepherd1 gets back to BFTF....

BFTF wonders whether school chilren across the UK ought to be following a farmer or two, and, indeed, has put this very suggestion to the Nottingham City Education Department.

Farming Banter
In a very different vein, Twitter is also home to "Farming Banter" (@Farming_bants), who take a robust and irreverant look at farming life. Many of their Tweets are devastatingly funny and, in fact, it was a very recent image that they posted which tickled BFTF's funny bone so hard that permission was sought (and very kindly granted) to put it here on the blog.. and here it is:

Just. Too. Funny. (With kind permission of Farming Banter)

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