Sunday, 8 December 2013

MSC Battered Cod Fillets at Sainsbury's

BFTF thinks fish is a delish dish - but wants to buy it without causing unsustainable depletion of the worlds fish stocks.

The blog has some "form" on this issue, with previous posts (here, here, here) and here that have looked at a number of aspects of fish sustainability.

One thing BFTF looks for is the MSC logo as a sign that the fish product has been sustainably sourced. Their, very comprehensive, website explains the essence of what the MSC is about:
"The MSC has developed standards for sustainable fishing and seafood traceability. Both standards meet the world's toughest best practice guidelines and are helping to transform global seafood markets.

We offer fisheries around the world a way to be recognised and rewarded for good management. By working in partnership with sustainable fisheries to create a market for sustainable seafood, other fisheries are incentivised to change their practices

The MSC blue ecolabel gives everyone an easy way to make the best environmental choice when shopping or dining out.

Half of the world's seafood comes from the developing world and for millions of people fish is a vital source of nutrition. The MSC is encouraging developing world fisheries to take part in our program and enjoy the benefits that certification and ecolabelling can bring."

Frustratingly, it has been difficult to find MSC certified battered fish portions in supermarkets - so it was great to see that Sainsbury's are stocking MSC certified Cod Fish Fillets :

MSC certified Battered Cod Fillets

Oh yeah baby!

Update 10th Dec2013
Tesco responded to a Twitter challenge on this issue by pointing towards a page on Responsible Fish Sourcing. On the plus side, the page talks about how Tesco are broadening their range of fish, which is a good thing.

It also talks about all Tesco Tuna being "pole and line" caught. However, the MSC told me that that does not, of itself, guarantee sustainability and reduced bycatch.

Everything else is, to BFTF, just weasel words with no firm committments. There is no link or list to say which Tesco fish are sustainably sourced. BFTF searched for recipes with "sustainably sourced" and got this result :

No sustainable fish entries in the recipe section of Tesco Real Food

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