Friday, 27 December 2013

Mosque "Mums and Tots" group raises over £1000 for Save the Children

A Nottingham parent and toddler group recently raised over £1000 to support Save the Chilren's efforts in helping survivors of Typhoon Haiyan which has ravaged the Phillipines.

The coffee-morning event was organised by Saema Mohammad and the "Mums and Tots" group at the the Muslim Community and Cultural Centre, Wollaton, Nottingham on 6th December.

And the event was a hit with both the "Mum" and "Tot" demographics, with plenty of food (decribed by Saema as being "Nom nom yummilicous") as well as play and craft activities for the little ones.

Happy Mums! Happy Tots!

Saema commented that attendance was mostly non-Muslim in the morning, with the Muslim Mums arriving in the afternoon, after Friday prayers.

Once again, Imam Asif Ali absolutely nails the
"yoof" look with a long-sleeve / short-sleeve combo top.

Reflecting on the event, Saema commented that "it gives me an incalculable amounts of satisfaction to see the community coming together for a good cause. It really is amazing what we can achieve when we come together"

Ameen to that, Sister!

Update 29th Dec:
Emailed Imam Asif Ali and Sr Saema to say thank you for organising this event, which is heartwarming on so many differnt levels.

Asked Nottingham InterFaith Council to publicise the event as an example of how the Muslim community reaches out to wider society.

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You can contact the Mums and Tots group on their "Mums and Tots Wollaton" Facebook page or by emailing Saema on

Image Sources:
Images by kind permission of the Wollaton Mums and Tots group.

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