Saturday, 2 November 2013

30 Acts of Kindness

The Invitation Magazine recently published a list of 30 acts of kindness that people (especially young people) could do.

It's rather wonderful and is reproduced, with permission, right here :

1) Help your neighbour wheel their bin in for them, invite them around, or even help them wash their car.
2) Arrange a litter pick in your local area. Remmeber to use the recylce bins.
3) Clean your room.
4) Help your parents offer to clear the table or dry the dishes.
5) Have a clear out, find you old toys and clothesand donate them to the needy.
6) Smile and be happy.
7) Say something nice to someone.
8) Offer to pack someone's shopping in the supermarket.
9) Hunt down the back of the sofa, find any pennies and donate them to charity.
10) Hang the washing out, don't use the dryer, think about the environment.

11) Take some food to your neighbour.
12) Learn to say thank you in three different languages.
13) Call / write / Skype someone that you have not spoken to in a long time.
14) Ask someone how they are feeling and listen to their answer.
15) Let someone go in front of you in the queue.
16) Turn off and lights and electric sockets that you are not using - think about the environment.
17) Have a clear out, find any old phones, computers, TV's, cardboard and take them to your local recyle bins.
18) Take ten minutes to think about all the poor people in the world and pray for their relief.
19) Write a list of all the good things you have in your life and be grateful for them.
20 ) Plant something in your garden.

21) Sponsor an orphan
22) Walk or use your bike on your journey today - leave the car at home - think about the environment.
23) Make sure all the taps in your house are not leaking - save water, rather than waste it.
24) Tell a joke and make someone laugh.
25) Feed your leftover bread to the birds.
26) Give someone you love a big cuddle and tell them you love them.
27) Visit the sick in hospital, or if you know someone who is not well, call them and see if you can help them in any way.
28) Write down five nice things about everyone in your family then share it with them.
29) Bake a cake and share it with your friends.
30) Plant a tree and remember that you even get rewarded for the shade that is provides, or the fruit from it eaten by animals.
Heartwarming, non?

You can see the original article here.

92nd Nottingham Scout Group all set for litter picking !

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