Thursday, 24 October 2013

The REAL problem drivers in Saudi Arabia

BFTF is surprised that few people seem to note that the real threat to Saudi Arabians coomes not from the potential of women driving, but from the actuality of men driving, as the chart below amply demonstrates:

Saudi Arabia - Male drivers are a menace !

Have to admit that this is not entirely a fair post, in that there are other countries with poor accident records (e.g .Turkey with 83 deaths per 100,000 vehicles) but it does rather prove a point.

On reflection, wondering whether misogynist Saudi clerics might use the chart above to as a reason to DENY women the right to drive, perhaps claiming that it proves that the roads are too dangerous to allow women drivers.

In such cases, perhaps the following chart is more appropriate

Saudi Arabia - clearly a safe place for women drivers!

You see? Saudi Arabia has lovely safe roads and is the ideal place for women to start driving...

Data Sources : Here and here

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