Saturday, 5 October 2013

Positive reporting in the Daily Mail

Most things in life are not black and white, but rather shades of grey.

For example, Governments that take the UK into illegal wars are the same governments that introduce the minimum wage.

And companies that miss-sell baby formula in developing countries are the same companies that use fairtade ingredients in their chocolate bars.

Countries that segregate their populations by colour can also lead the world in scientific achievement.

And so on.

Many people are aware that the Daily Mail can produce some pretty nasty, demonising reporting (see here, here and here), reporting that is hugely influential because of the huge reach of the online version.

But people are not generally aware (or choose not to recognise) that some Daily Mail stories are pretty good.

It seems only fair to highlight these, partly because it's "only fair", partly because they are interesting and partly to give encouragement and support to the journalists who write the good stuff.

So here goes.

Oct 2013 : An image of Africa shows how ginormous it is compared to many "western" countries. Fascinating.

Nov 2012 : Surprisingly, the Daily Mail publishes a news story about Muslims that is not negative, factually incorrect or demonising. It is a charming story about how a couple of top flight NFL players from the US told their coaches that they would not be playing in the 2012 season (foregoing millions of dolars of wages) and, instead took elderly relatives and others on the Haj pilgrimage. BFTF sent a message was sent to MailOnline to thank them for, very unusually, publishing a positive Muslim news story.

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