Sunday, 13 October 2013

No3 Son and The Hobbit

No3 Son (who is in primary school) recently got "The Hobbit" from the library. BFTF was impressed because it's not an easy book to read, BFTF can remember being challenged by it at the age of 13 or 14.

Anyway, BFTF told No3 Son that if he finished the book, he would get £10 to say well done.

Fast forward a few days to today, and the following conversation took place :

BFTF : Have you started reading The Hobbit?

No3 Son : Yes

BFTF : How far in are you?

No3 Son : Oh, about 15 pages

BFTF : Are you enjoying it?

No3 Son : Yes, its nice. It's told me about the Hobbits and now they are changing their ways [??]"

BFTF : Very good, it's a very hard book, with lots of difficult words. Tell you what, if you finish it, I'll give you £20.

At this point, No2 son, who was in a different room, clearly felt an injustice was being perpetrated and called out "What the hell ???!!!"

Okay, so perhaps you needed to actually be there.

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