Friday, 20 September 2013

Archery, Rocks, Bikes and George (the Gorilla)

BFTF paid a visit to Wollaton Hall recently to watch the Archery GB National Series Final and Fun Day.

It proved to be rather a groovy day...

Competitions were held for both the Recurve (ordinary) and Compound (rambo-stylee) bows.

If you are interested in finding out more, or in taking up archery, you may wish to contact one of the 16 clubs in the county,listed here.

Recurve in action

Compound in action

In the case of this event, the Compound archers were shooting at an 80cm target at 50metres, while the Recurve archers were shooting at a 122cm target at 70metres.The shooting was pretty impressive, 50m is a long way to shoot an arrow and hit a 9 or a 10!

Not a bad turn out....

One thing you don't want to be using at an archery event is the emergency ambulance.

These guys had better have a boring day

But with this kind of thing going on, you can't be too careful.


Only kidding, that gent was coming off the field after checking the score, he wasn't in danger of being shot and the event was safe and secure at all times.

Wollaton Hall is home to a rather lovely natural history museum, part of which hold a fine collection of rocks and minerals.

BFTF and No3 like rocks, so really enjoyed looking at the, often beautifully coloured, items in the collection.

A beautiful specimen of Stibnite

Also at the archery event was "Pedal Power Sounds" where members of the public could power up a sound system just by rides dynamo-equipped stationary bikes.

If the cyclists pedalled too hard, the system stopped generationg electricity (as a precautionary measure) and it was fascinating to see how much easier it became to pedal once the resisitance of the dynamo was removed.

And, it has to be said, the vinyl tunez played were !

Pedal Power Sound were Awesome
George (the Gorilla)
The natural history museum at Wollaton Hall is also home to a number of displays of mounted animals, birds and other creatures. Amongst these is George the Gorilla, who answers natural questions on Twitter at @George_gorilla. You can see some questions that have been sent to George, and answered, here.

George big lad and the display housing him describes the way he was caught, stuffed and then paraded around Europe. As George points out, while the audience who see him might be more sympathetic to environmental protection today than when he was caught in the nineteenth century, the fact remains that many forest are still being destroyed at a frightening rate.

As No3 son said "This is a very sad story".

You're looking good George !

Thank You
Sent an email to Portfolio holder Cllr Dave Trimble thanking him for bringing this event to Nottingham

Sent an email to a local mosque saying that BFTF was dissapointed that they had not promoted this event, seeing as archery is a very traditional Islamic sport, and asking whether they can thank the council for hosting the event.

Update 23 Nov 13
Just found about the incredible Danish archer Lars Anderson who has studied and rediscovered medieval archery techniques - allowing him to shoot with incredible rapidity and accuracy. A definite must see.

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