Tuesday, 9 July 2013

June 2013 - Updates and past posts

BFTF is conscious that those of you who keep up with the blog via email notifications will not be aware of the many updates that posts are given (as the email engine on blogger only sends out notifications when the post is first published, not if it is subsequently updated.

And the other thing that has been preying of BFTF's mind is that there is now quite a lot of archive material on the blog, much of which is as valid today as when it was written.

So, here is the latest monthly post summarising what updates have happened over the last four weeks or so, and also looking back on the most interesting posts from this month in previous years

Updates this month
03 Jun : Another entry to the "Proof that Activism Works" page

18 Jun : George the Gorilla can help ID wildlife in your garden

18 Jun : Received a response on issue of Night Shelter funding

19 Jun : Challenging the Gov't to protect the nations forests.

Interesting posts from previous years

2012 : A frequently updated post on the 92nd Scout Group

2012 : Mining Memories

2012 : Uncle and Proud!

2012 : Well Done Martha Payne !

2012 : Challenging the government on airstrikes that kill civilians

2012 : BFTF lost faith with BBC news over their poor coverage of the NHS reforms

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